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Essential Travel Tips For Backpack Travelers

Essential Packing Tips for Backpack Travelers

So you’re taking a month and a half to backpack South America. No doubt it’ll be good times. You’ll experience Iguazu, Machu Picchu and a little Chilean surf village all with new friends and tasty local drafts.

The question now is what to bring and how to bring it.
Plenty of blogs offer lists of what to and not to pack. I’m not going to tell you what to bring, so much as the best way to bring it.

But don’t worry. It’s travel. There’s no wrong decision. One thing might be a little heavier or less convenient than another. But you’re out there to see the world and make friends. And you’ll do that no matter how you pack.

1. Don’t Bring Half. Bring One Quarter
You’ve probably read travel tips that tell you to lay out everything you plan to bring and then half it.

That’s a good start but you need to do that twice. Seriously, you just don’t need the vast majority of items you plan to bring. Unless you’re heading to the remotest corner of the Brazilian Amazon, there’s a good chance there are people already there. And guess what? They wash their hair,

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Asia Safety Travel Tips

Asia occupies a quarter of the earth’s land mass, it spans a lot of time zones. Having a single travel guide for all of Asia is virtually impossible. Asia like any other continent, here are basic travel tips for a few of the most happening countries in Asia.

The country’s recommended tourist spots are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which are both modernized. All tourists in Vietnam, except Thai and Philippine Nationals need a tourist Visa before entering the Country. Health wise, Malaria is prevalent in Vietnam, it would be best to bring with you anti-mosquito lotions to prevent being bit.

Aside from the usual prohibition of narcotics and deadly weapons, Radio cassette Players are banned in the Island of Bali, which is a prime tourist spot in Indonesia. Any object with Chinese characters written on it, are also prohibited in Bali.

Thai people are very religious and very loyal to the monarchy. You would often see pictures of the king around the cities, never make fun of him. The Thai also consider the head as the highest part of the body, whether spiritual or physical. Refrain from touching anybody in the head, and try not to point at

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Bali Travel Tips And Tricks For Tourists

Browse through any of the well known travel magazines and you’re sure to find Bali, Indonesia, listed among the top 10 travel destinations in the world.

With its exotic blend of ancient culture, majestic scenery, the worlds finest hotels and the warmth of the tropical oceans surrounding the island paradise, its hardly surprising.

Bali is located in the Indonesian archipelago only eight degrees south of the Equator. The island measures 90 kilometres (55 miles) from north to south and 140 kilometres (90 miles) from east to west, making it easy to go out for an excursion anywhere in Bali and return to your hotel by nightfall.

Towering volcanic peaks that rise mystically through the clouds, terraced rice paddies carved into the mountainous landscape, iridescent crater lakes, lush tropical rain forests and sandy white beaches lapped by warm ocean currents are only a few of the wonders that draw millions of visitors to this tiny island each year.

Bali Tricks for First Time Travellers

Lets look at some valuable travel tips to help you experience the very best that Bali has to offer:

1. Balis tropical weather means that travel at any time of the year is suitable, however its best to check when the major Indonesian

Business Travel Tips Vacation Spots ideas

Imagine that you’re only a couple of a short time from your holiday destination and you can’t appear to know the difference between the place to start. What precisely Business Travel Tips offers are some ideas in addition to advice with vacation spots, learn about deliver, the best way at this time there, a short introduction of the several ethnicity for each unique position, spots so that you can eat and the majority of save, save, conserve.

Creativity is without question one of several thrusts of regular holidaymakers. They’ll usually give you a huge selection travel equipment needs , through contemporary people for the types that may produce different determine on the way to it is function. As they definitely aim to help make business travel as simple as it can be, brand-new thoughts are going to be announced as well as, to suit your needs and that i, regarded. These designs are in all likelihood specially designed in addition to stimulated by very own ordeals. will supply a list of these items completely from a recommendations connected with other business travelers.

The attractive dinner colony using tempting decorations and also mouth-watering tutorials is tough to overlook. With contemporary, for you to

Cheap Travel Tips for High Flyers

Savvy frequent flyers know that there are plenty of ways to help keep air travel costs to a minimum and ensure that the whole experience is as enjoyable as possible. The team at deals website Travelzoo are practised at spotting opportunities and now they’ve revealed some of their air travel top tips as part of their Savviest Traveller competition. Whether considering money-saving times to fly or ways to bag an upgrade, there are some great cheap travel tips available for those who want to be ‘in the know’. Here’s a taster for you:


You can improve your chances of getting your seat upgraded next time you fly by booking a premium economy seat. This is almost always the section with smallest allocation of seats so it often gets overbooked, giving you a greater chance of being bumped-up a class.

When to fly

To save money on flights, it is recommend that you always book a return ticket – even if you don’t expect to use all of it – because returns often work out to cost less overall. Another good trick is to fly during the week rather than at the weekend.

Mobile returns

Instead of selling your old mobile second-hand or letting it gather